You are Collaborative | Innovative | Transformative

I support groups of environmental, economic, reproductive, and social justice advocates coming together to create a just world with a stable climate. Because when we come together as community we are collaborative, innovative, and transformative.

About Services

About Me

Hi! I’m Licia (pronounced like “Leesha”) and I provide capacity-building support to organizations, coalitions, and networks.

why I do the work

Over the past decade I have been involved with non-profit organizations at all levels imaginable: volunteer, intern, support staff, Executive Director, Board member, Board Chair, consultant to a Board of Directors, start-up consultant.

Throughout this process I have learned a few things.

First, small groups of people hold immense power to create change.

Oftentimes nonprofit organizations, coalitions, and networks are groups of people coming together to try and solve a problem, fill a gap, or support a community that has been neglected by our current systems. These people are incredibly passionate and work tirelessly to enact a shared vision for a better future.


how I do the work

When working with organizations and networks I utilize co-design whenever possible, and here’s why:

  • Co-design is a way of working together that challenges dominant cultures of collaboration and/or lack of collaboration
  • Co-design, though creating flexible structures for engaging, is a process that synthesizes many perspectives and capacity levels of participants. The process itself is flexible, incorporates reflection, and can change over time as the group’s goals change and adapt.
  • Co-design and the culture it represents can help us toward our bigger goals of social transformation, as we create new ways of engaging with each other and our own communities. 


thoughts, words, ideas: